PT-6 Planer Jointer 150mm Width Capacity


The PT-6 Planer is quite rugged in construction and weighing in at 105kg. It has independently fully adjustable cast iron tables, 3 x HSS cuter blades rotating at 4300rpm and powered by 1hp 240V motor that is driving the 150mm wide cutter head. A very popular choice & well known amongst the entry level to more serious joinery workshops.

This surface planer is constructed largely of cast iron and is mounted on a fabricated sheet metal frame stand which also houses the motor and the switchgear. The planer cutter blades are fully protected across its whole width by a strong aluminium guard with spring load return for additional safety. The infeed and outfeed tables are 1170mm in total length and are both independently adjustable for height, which not only makes for quick adjustment of the blade height relative to the table but allows for quick set up to produce rebates up to 8mm deep. There is also a quick stop system on the infeed table to allow repeat depth settings to be made quickly.

The side fence, which is a heavy cast iron unit with a ground surface, is held by a robust cast iron bracket. This is clamped to the table by a substantial hand lever and slides smoothly across the bed guided by a rail. The fence is fully adjustable for angles between 45°, 90° and 135°. Waste extraction is from the side rear of the machine via a 100mm outlet port that is fixed to the stand and should be connected to a suitable dust extractor.

Setting the three HSS blades into the cutting block is easy & accurate with the included blade setting gauge device, ensuring that all blades are accurately set in identical position for a smooth finish.


  • 150mm width capacity
  • 3 x HSS blade cutter head
  • 1170mm cast iron table
  • 8mm rebating capacity
  • Rigid quick action tilting fence to 45˚ with adjustable stops
  • Magnetic safety switch with raised emergency stop button
  • Quick action lever enables height adjustment for infeed table
  • Adjustable in & out feed tables
  • Spring loaded blade guard
  • Ø100mm dust chute
  • Sturdy & stable stand
  • 0.75kW / 1hp 240V motor


  • Blade Setting Gauge
  • Material Push Paddles


MODEL150 / 6
Width Capacitymm / inch3
Maximum Depth of Cutmm1170
Table Lengthmm560
Length of Infeed Tablemm568
Length of Outfeed Tablemm8
Rebatemm740 x 98
Fence Length x HeightmmHSS
Blade CutterType3
Blade QuantityNo.57.15
Cutter Block Diametermm4300
Cutter Block Speedrpm100
Dust Port Diametermm0.75 / 1
Motor PowerkW / hp240 / 10
Voltage / AmperageV / amp1180 x 630 x 1030
Floor Space (W x D x H)mm105
Nett Weightkg

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