WT-3C Carbide Wood Turning Tools - 6 Piece Set


These WT-3C carbide turning chisels are a handy tool to own whether you’re new to turning or a veteran. They’re fantastic for harder, more abrasive timbers as there cutting edge last longer than HSS. Standard HSS tools would typically require a lot of sharpening compared to carbide chisels, and because these WT-3C chisels are scrapers you don’t need particularly fancy techniques to get them to work well.

This particular set comprises of a 450mm handle total length, 4 x interchangeable cutting tip shapes (Triangle, Square, Half Round, 2" Radius End) and a clear Lexan deflector to stop the waste material flying into the operator. Simply one lathe tool with four chisel functions for most of your turning needs.


  • 6 Piece set:
  • 1 x Handle, 4 x Cutting Tips & magnetic guard
  • 4 interchangeable carbide inserts set
  • 300mm handle length
  • 450mm total length


MODEL4 Carbide Wood Turning
Tool Set
Set Type6
Number of PiecesNo.12.7mm Half Round
10mm Triangle, Square
& Large Radius End
Chisel Size & Type

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