PM-35T Punching Machine 35 Tonne


The Sunrise Punching Machines are manufactured in Taiwan, also known as Ironworkers are well recognised in our Australian market for the machines being reliable & durable due to their structurally well manufactured unique design & engineering excellence. Sunrise is ISO-9001 certified by BVQI, and our products meet the CE safety requirements and regulations. Sunrise relentlessly seeks continuous improvement and product development to keep a step ahead of their competitors.

Special designed hydraulic cylinder enables the machine to retract faster, also the cylinder is slimmer, which has a better aesthetic appearance to the looks of the machine.
Punching capacities range from 35 to 200 tonnes, and are available with different throat depths to meet your different requirements.

Please Note: All optional tooling used on the punching station of S/SD Punch & Shear machine can also be utilised for range of PM Punching models.

Also Available
- CNC Models with features like:
- Hydraulic material clamping
- Auto datum point
- Transfer ball table


  • Specially designed hydraulic circuit system provides high performance, efficiency and accuracy
  • Throat depth of 310mm
  • C-type rigid frame structure
  • A 2-hole overhang die holder and a 2-piece gauging table are provided as standard equipment
  • Complete range of optional attachments

  • Pre-Commissioning:
  • 1. Punching machine is run & tested prior delivery
  • 2. Hydraulic oil is included with machine


  • 6 sets of round punches & dies:
  • Punches: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 & 30mm
  • Dies: 20.7, 23.2, 25.2, 27.2, 29.2 & 31.2mm


Punching PressureTonneManual
Punching Table FeedType700 x 500
Punching Table DimensionsmmØ18 x 14, Ø50 x 5
Punching Ø x Thickness Capacity - Mild Steelmm180
Channel Flange Punching (h)mm310
Throat Depthmm100
Maximum Stroke Lengthmm41
Cycle/min (20mm Stroke)cpm1050
Table Working Heightmm3.75 / 5
Motor PowerkW / hp415
Nett Weightkg