Code L300
Model L300
Capacity 400 - 610mm Length - (Min. Max)
Weight (kg) 0.687
Weight (m3) 0.003
Weight (Freight) 0.999
Dimensions (cm) 53 x 8 x 8
1 Year

L300 Magnetic Swarf Remover 400 - 610mm Length - (Min. Max)


"Safely and easily keeps your hands away from sharp metal shavings with hand guard"

This unique Magnetic Swarf Remover "Clean Up Tool" can get under low machinery to pick up swarf, handling sharp parts or off cuts, cleaning non-ferrous scrap & recovering steel items

Collected scrap is discharged with a pull of the plunger. Position of plastic ring can be adjusted for effective magnetic length and to enable the tool to be rolled along a machine bed without grabbing the steel surface.


  • Easy use, pull the end knob out to release magnet from metal shavings collected
  • Strong magnet that attracts large amounts of swarf and metal shavings
  • 150mm affectic magnetic pick up length
  • Body constructed from Ø25mm stainless steel
  • Adjustable material stop release via plastic ring
  • Simply retract handle shaft to release magnetism
  • Comfortable Ø32 x 180mm long rubber hand grip for better control
  • Solid waterproof magnetic end without seams, can be submersed in coolant


MODELMagnetic Swarf Remover
Mirror Head Sizemm~
Number of LED LightsNo.~
Magnetic Pick Up Weight Capacitykg150
Magnetic Pick Up Lengthmm400 - 610
Overall Length - minimum to maximummm~