HC-1T Hydraulic Engine Crane


Every mechanic or home auto restoration enthusiast knows all too well by using the correct tool it always makes the job in hand much easier with a more successful outcome when it is time to remove or replace an engine in your car. It can also be used to lift machines or other heavy items, making for an excellent piece of equipment for the workshop or warehouse.

This HC-1T engine crane has an 8-tonne long stroke lifting ram with a double acting pump, and this crane has been tested up to 2 tonne capacity allowing a maximum safe working load lift capacity of 1000kg. The jib extends to four different positions with the desired lifting capacity of 250kg, 500kg, 750kg or 1000kg and secured by a single locking pin.

The lifting height range is from 0-2300mm so an engine can be lifted & removed clear out of the engine bay with little effort. The long & wide legs provide great floor stability and the 6 swivel castor wheels & rear T-bar handle enables excellent manoeuvrability around the workshop. Another nifty feature with this crane is that you can quickly fold up the long legs to save on storage space in the workshop.


  • Double action pump on hydraulic 8 tonne lifting ram
  • Ideal for automotive, light engineering and general workshop
  • Adjustable boom in four positions for lifting
  • Outrigger legs easily folded up for transport or storage
  • Six cast steel swivel caster wheels allow easy mobility
  • T-bar handle with grips on rear of hoist allows greater manoeuvrability control
  • Supplied with a short lifting chain & hook with safety latch
  • Tested to 2 tonne capacity


MODELEngine Crane
Engine Crane CapacityTonneHydraulic
Engine Crane Operation Type~
Engine Stand Capacitykg~
Trolley Jack CapacityTonne~
Axle Stand Capacity - EachTonne~
Mechanics Creeper Capacitykg92
Nett Weightkg